Our team consists of a diverse group of dedicated individuals with various degrees of knowledge and experience, all of whom possess a keen passion for paranormal investigation. We pride ourselves on being a professional and serious team and we make use of state of the art equipment when performing our investigations.

Greg Goetzel - Founder, Business Operations, Lead Investigator

Greg has been working for the Federal Government since 1991 as an IT Specialist, designing systems and recently managing projects. These managing skills come in handy when running the Paranormal Investigative Group of Maryland. Greg became interested in the paranormal by watching the first Ghost Hunters episode; vowing he would eventually wind up doing this and helping people understand the paranormal. Being involved in another group has helped him understand what the paranormal community wants in a team. He founded PIG MD in 2013 and has strived to put together the best team in the Maryland area.

Patrick Murray - Lead Investigator, Public Investigation Coordinator

Patrick currently works at Aberdeen Proving Grounds (ARMY DOD) as an Information Technician on the Network Team. Patrick has always been fascinated with the paranormal since his encounter with a shadow figure that he couldn't explain. Since then, Patrick has put his free time into understanding more about the paranormal and learning as much as he can to help others, which in turn, led him to become a Tech Specialist for the Paranormal Investigative Group of Maryland.

Ryan Griffith - Equipment Manager, Public Investigation Coordinator, Investigator

Ryan has 8+ years of investigative experience in various roles from retail loss prevention/surveillance to fraud and identity theft investigations to his current profession, money laundering/terrorist financing investigations. Ryan was first introduced to the paranormal world as a child when he went on his first walking ghost tour of Gettysburg. Since then he has always been very intrigued by the paranormal. Recently, he had the opportunity to go on his first public paranormal investigation at the Southern Mansion in Cape May, NJ. After that, he knew he was hooked.

Rob - Webmaster, Residential Investigation Coordinator, Investigator

A native of Maryland, Rob has been interested in the paranormal since he was a child and can remember visiting and exploring various "haunted" locations as a teen and young adult. Rob also enjoys reading about and researching all manner of paranormal experiences (including ghosts and other spiritual entities, cryptids, UFOs, and more). An admitted skeptic with a strong scientific background, Rob seeks to find the truth behind these unexplained phenomena by firsthand experiences and the utilization of high-tech equipment to capture concrete evidence of the paranormal. This desire led him to join the PIG MD team.

Amanda Goetzel - Technical Writer, Investigator

Amanda currently works with children who have severe developmental disabilities and behavioral problems. She joined the Paranormal Investigative Group of Maryland with her father, Greg Goetzel, when it was founded in 2013. Amanda became interested in the paranormal after watching several television shows, including Ghost Hunters, Ghost Lab, and Ghost Adventures. As she has not experienced any paranormal activity personally, her involvement with the team allows her to explore and better understand the realm of these unexplainable phenomenon. Amanda is an investigator and helps the team with technical support and set-up.

Yvonne Janowiak - Investigator, Residential Investigation Coordinator

Yvonne has worked in the dental field since 1986. Yvonne loves the unexplained, the paranormal, and things we cannot see, but instead feel or believe. Yvonne has always felt this way. Yvonne became hooked on the paranormal when she was offered a chance to go on a paranormal adventure. After joining the Paranormal Investigative Group of Maryland on their Fort Mifflin investigation, Yvonne was asked to join the group and is very excited about PIGMD's upcoming investigations. What an amazing team to be a part of!

Brianna Janowiak - Investigator

Brianna can't remember when her interest with the paranormal started. She enjoys watching paranormal television shows, some of her favorite shows include Amish haunting, A Haunting and Haunted History.Brianna believes in what most people don't. "I don't need evidence to prove that the paranormal exists; it is the feeling you get". Brianna has been told she is a sensitive along with her grandmother. Brianna will be starting school to become a mortician. "We should be respected in death as we are in life".

Kelsey Goetzel - Social Media Coordinator

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