Below you will find photos of the equipment the PIG MD team utilizes during our investigations in order to capture evidence of paranormal phenomena. Information about each piece has been provided as well. We pride ourselves on using state of the art technology in our search for recorded corroboration of firsthand experiences with paranormal activity.

Audio Recorders

Audio recorders are one of the most useful pieces of equipment a paranormal investigator can have. Not only do they record sounds that can be heard with the human ear, they also record sounds that cannot be heard at the time of the recording. This type of audio recording is known as an electronic voice phenomena or EVP. Over 90% of the evidence captured by an investigation team is in the form of EVPs.

Electro-magnetic Field (EMF) Detectors

It is believed that when a spirit is present, it will give off an electro-magnetic charge at an extremely low frequency. The EMF detector senses this electro-magnetic charge and alerts the investigator to its presence by lighting up, emitting a sound, or both. There are many types of EMF detectors on the market. PIG MD utilizes four different types of EMF detectors, each with a different frequency range. The K II Meter has a frequency range of 50 � 20,00Hz. The Ghost Meter picks up EMFs in the range of 50 � 1,00Hz, and the Mel Meter monitors EMFs in the range of 30 � 300Hz. The Mel Meter also has a built in ambient temperature gauge, which measures the air temperature around the investigator (it is thought that when a spirit is attempting to manifest itself, it may draw energy from the air, dropping the temperature in that area by a noticeable and measurable amount) as well as a high sensitivity accelerometer to detect even the slightest touch or vibration. Also pictured is the V-Pod, which gives off its own EMF; when the field is breached it will light up and alert the investigator.

DVR System

PIG MD has an 8 channel DVR system with 4 infrared (IR) cameras. This allows for PIG MD to record in the dark during our investigations.

Digital Cameras and Camcorders

All investigators want to capture an apparition. This is considered the �Holy Grail� of paranormal investigation. PIG MD uses several different types of camera to accomplish this. The team uses a regular digital camera which can be utilized to capture images in total darkness. We also have a Full Spectrum digital camera which picks up light from both the ultraviolet (UV) and IR ranges. We also utilize an IR camcorder for handheld video purposes.

Motion Detection

PIG MD uses two types of motion detection equipment. The first is an IR motion sensor which alerts the investigator of any movement it detects. The second is a laser grid. The laser grid projects a grid of light onto a wall. If, at any time, parts of the grid are blocked, there is the potential that this blockage is being caused by an apparition walking in front of it.


This is an ongoing experiment for PIG MD. Our theory is that if a spirit gives off an electro-magnetic field, then it may be able to touch the screen of the tablet and manipulate it. We run an app that captures screen touches and displays this on the screen. If our theory is correct, the spirit should be able to touch any part of the screen and light it up.

Trigger Object

Trigger objects are used by paranormal investigators as another way to communicate with the spirits. Trigger objects are used as sensing devices to detect EMF's given off by the spirit. Trigger objects are usually something that is familiar to the spirits such as teddy bears, dolls, etc. Trigger objects can yield very good yes/no interaction, especially if there is a young child involved.

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